Monday, 6 October 2014

A legend called "laugh and fairy"

In the hometown of Pacquiao, while there is a legend called "laugh and fairy" or Mirari. Mirari is believed to be the origin of evil in the hometown of Gyabure. Rescued the pack mule the place that had been in the sideshow spectacle, began to act together. It was a personality to refuse to fight quietly appeared initially, serif urge to fight a pack mule often since the late. Able to harm the health by preventing the nuclear explosion, it is face down was often late.

The pattern that was out on a journey of looking cognate Pacquiao war after the conclusion. Sewing is good at, ranging from everyday wear space suits, clothes to wear itself is a handmade all. It was also demonstrated, such as undercover work and cuisine, a variety of success. It died after Avi large amounts of radiation in order to stop the reactor was about recklessly in Komikaraizu version by Shigeto Ikehara. It should be noted that similar character that appeared, such as appearance or name "fouling", previous work in the "Aura Battler Dunbine" and "Cham fouling", but relevance unknown. From those of the leotard tone Cham had to wear, clothes are changed to those of casual Hiroyuki Kitazume design. There was no dialogue almost Originally appeared.

Born of a prominent family Gow home Poseidaru camp. We also combines skills in addition to the family, had been great hopes for the future are in the collection thirteen people crowd at a young age, but leave the army Poseidaru attracted to pack mule. The Hair cut the hair of its own intention Along with this, hairstyle became short bob from the three-stage layer of Long. In the beginning of the story, play a Sayaate of love and am Tour around the pack mule, but to overthrow the Poseidaru army as it is difficult, invest only on the basis of Amandara away the source of the pack mule himself

Daba-ra a team of collusion I would like to support from the side. Hairstyle is changed to semi-long sense of volume from Bob Short, hair color was also changed from bright red to reddish brown re-emerged after. Gorongo, Dizado (red), the multiplier machine such as nouvelle Dizado. It should be noted that there is a notation to the effect that "ugly bad eyed" in the novel version, but the actual design is not ugly never in both anime, novels, there was also a scene where soldiers Hyosuru a "good woman" about the appearance in the former.